Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fun Find and Fun at a Reception

I went home for a wedding a few weeks ago, and while my daughter was at work, I busied myself by going for a walk around her neighborhood. Got my hair cut, went to a couple thrift stores, and across the street, in the shopping plaza I spied a Fashion Bug! I haven't been to Fashion Bug in years. It was the place to go back in the 80's in the midwest for the hip trendy clothes. I need to stop in.

So I did!

They were having a great sale, and I indulged myself with some new clothes, and I found this on the way to the register. 40% off of sale price, I got it for $4!! Cute porcelain beads, 18" long - this is by far the find of the year :) Can't wait to make something of it.

The wedding was fun, got to see family and friends I haven't seen in years (some 30 years). It was a nice way to bring us all together. I have a few candid shots of us at the reception, will share with you. These make me smile, and some make me laff out loud :)

My niece Mindy and her husband Tarik

My Son in Law Russ, Me and my daughter Leigh. Leigh was a bridesmaid for the wedding. I made all the earrings for the bridesmaids :)

My mom and dad - will be married for 60 years come December :)

I have no respect - the cake was really good :)

Me and my mom before the service, very rarely will I take a serious picture

Me, my cousin Cliff, my brother Kevin (father of the bride), my cousin Mark, my brother Jerry - it has been over 30 years since we have all been together, and the building did not burn down - that is a first

Me, Leigh, and my mom

Leigh and her husband Russ
Me and my brothers - have you noticed, EVERY picture from the reception, I have a beer in my hand???

And finally, me and my mom - trying on mumu's and going thru all of her scarves. I love to have a shaved head and wear scarves piled up on my head

Just a little bit of my life added to the jewelry blog line up :)

Thanks for stoppin by!


  1. These are awesome shots!! Love the fun pics of the family - you guys look like you're a lot of fun!!

    And, don't you love finding jewelry you can snatch up and 're-do'? I know I do!!

    Great post! :)

  2. Normally, there are no pictures of me are taken because historically, I'm the one taking photos. At our last family gathering, I was without my camera in hand, I ended up in all the family pix with a drink in my hand. So your remark made me lol!

    Love the beads and scarves (very bohemian and sexy!) Happy creating!