Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Yup I am at that point.

What had happened was -

I was asked to make earrings for an upcoming wedding. I had to order the requested components, and thought to myself - "Self, see what else you need and just git 'er done" - So I did.

I added to the order some ear wires - wow silver has gotten expensive - I added bezel cups for more resin works - I added some chain - all the things I 'thought' I needed. While I was at it - I went to Vista Prints and ordered more business cards.

Order done, housework time. I started at my computer desk. Too many things piling up. Got it organized. (found a few business cards so I am not totally out) Feeling froggy - I moved into my studio. With my hands on my hips, I turned a circle in the room, surveyed the carnage, blinked back a few tears and set to work. I had found some stackable baskets that would be perfect for sorting, put them out on the work bend and got to sortin'.

Lo and behold - I found my strapless bra - hrm....
I found a moldy coffee cup - stashed under the shelf
I found my book I have been searching for (wanting to know how it ends)
I found a half a box of business cards....

I am furious with myself.

So my dearest darlings I have staged an intervention for myself with the help of my room mate. We are going in guns a'blazing and not stopping until it is done. Until this feat is completed, I will be on radio silence.

Must keep my head on straight.

Say a prayer for me, will you?


  1. Sending out those positive thoughts and vibes!! :)

  2. I love the "what had happened was" beginning to this post. Best of luck on this endeavor. I completely understand its necessity...Heck, I might need an intervention myself!

  3. You'll feel so good when it's done. I need to do the same, there's possibly small furry creatures living under my desk amongst the boxes, bags, dust and cobwebs. I think a photo on completion would be good Tish.