Saturday, August 13, 2011

Con-nun-drum - Selling on ArtFire

I am asking for advice -

Selling on ArtFire -

I am torn.

In there past there has been a lot of quabbling over selling hand made - selling supplies - and selling commercial items 'as handmade' on ArtFire. (the latter is just plain hair-ass-ee)

I try to buy supplies from Art Fire - supporting the local small business person when I can. I have supplies to sell as well. After reading a lot of the back and forth on the community board about 'artists' vs. 'suppliers' I pulled mine down.

I pulled them thinking, I don't need to be selling supplies with my art. Let my art be distinct and the showcase of that account - I need to have a separate account for the supplies.

Now I have all of these supplies (inherited them when I bought a healing crystal/tumbled stone bizness) and where am I going to sell them?

What would you do?

Would you go ahead and add them to your ArtFire page and sell them along with your art?
Would you create a separate account to sell supplies on?

Help me Obi-Wan
You're my only hope!


  1. I have an idea - sell you supplies on Zibbet! Everyone is so friendly there and the prices are very reasonable. They have a 45 day free trial (I think this is still going on..), and a $69.00 per year account. I run the "Jewelry Superheros" group over there. My shop is

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