Monday, April 25, 2011

Am Prayin to the Shutter Gods.........

Some people can't cook - case in point - Ellie May - but she can sure keep all them critters in line
Some people can't drive - like these folks

I can't take pictures - and most of you know this, but you stop by here and take a gander anyways.

I spent an hour and a half this morning taking pictures. Almost 200 pictures later - I have about 12 I can use - the most of them come out like this.......

Or this.......

My friend Sam got a light box and has been taking great shots - she has invited me over to play - maybe I can get this right.

My friend Selma is a photographer (and so much more) - she says "just bring it over, I'll shoot it"

Now if I can make time stand still and get some schtuff organized, I may one day have some decent pictures!!!!

Let's start off the week right kids - Hope it is a great one!!!

1 comment:

  1. I hear ya! I hate taking pictures! Let us know what you think of the light box. You have a great week, too!