Thursday, September 10, 2020

Getting Ready for Fall - Crocheting Granny Squares


I have to keep busy, call it a curse, call it a super power but because of it, I am always making something. And in turn, I have now taken over two rooms of our house. One for tie dye, jewelry, painting and storage of festival gear, and the other for all of my material, sewing machine, mailing supplies, yarn, work desk, computer and printer. 
I am craft hoarder elite!
I get distracted easily, and sometimes I may have more than one project going at a time.
Sometimes I can get frustrated with myself, as I compare myself to other artists out there, that their color combos on their tie dye are more brilliant than mine, their wire wraps are more intricate than mine. 
Once I am done throwing around the confetti of my pity party, and I have had my last bit of dejection cake, I understand, it is because they picked one thing and did it right, where I have to do it all!

And because I have to do it all, it is crocheting season!

It is one thing I do love to do. It is a project that I can do, while sitting in the living room in front of the television and pretending to be watching a movie with my husband. 

I myself personally could spend all of my waking ours in my office or studio working on projects, but I do have to find a balance. So when the weather cools off and there is not so much to do, television is the go to entertainment for my husband. He just wants to know I am in the same room with him, and if he wants to make a conversation, then I am there to join in. 

I started a new project that I am absolutely excited about, and part of the project is granny squares. What I love about granny squares is the versatility of the pattern. Even the versatility of the basic granny square itself. You are basically making a tiny mosaic tile to piece together into a beautiful work of art. 

After I had gotten started on my squares, I realized I needed extra bulk for this project. I do love the crispness of the single strand yarn granny squares. You can see the detail. 

But I wasn't looking for detail. I was looking for comfort and snuggly. I used two strands of worsted weight yarn and made my squares again. What a difference. The extra color gave more texture. The extra strand of yarn gave the squares a soft, cushy, comfortable feel. Perfect for what I am working on. 

I am using a mixture of scrap yarn and Big Twist 100% acrylic yarn. Middle of the road yarn, super soft, doesn't unravel, and affordable -  especially when bought at JoAnns with a coupon. I bought it because I wanted to try something other than RedHeart SuperSaver. Red Heart SuperSaver is a great affordable yarn, especially as a beginner, but it is just too scratchy.  

I am just in the beginning of this project, and have to figure out a couple more things. 

I can't wait to show it to you!

What do you like to work on during the cooler months??

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