Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Isis Phantom Quartz Tower with Chlorite Inclusions

A thousand years ago (10 or 11 actually) I bought a crystal business from the vendors I used to set up next to on the weekends at the flea market. We had known each other for years, I actually had been one of their customers for years, until I started making jewelry and selling along side them. We had permanent spots next to each other for two seasons when they decided they had been doing it long enough, and was I interested in buying their inventory. 

Don't have to ask me twice!

After buying the inventory, I had several shows lined up, and along with the help of James, we had some fun for a season. 

But working a 40 hour week, Monday thru Friday and then setting up every weekend to sell at the flea market or other venues got to be too much, and I packed everything up. 

Recently I have started to go back through my collection to see exactly what I have. It is like going thru the inventory for the first time again. I am having so much fun!

I am going to start sharing them with you!!

This beauty is a quartz point tower. Finished on the bottom so it is a stand alone piece. There is no need for a stand. 

The chevron stripes are made up of chlorite. At the bottom of the stripes you can see a 'shadow' of a line, that is the phantom crystal that was going in the middle of the formation. It looks like a little pyramid going in there!

 Isis is the five sided face, that may or may not be symmetrical. 

There is so much about this specimen that I adore. 

Let's talk about quartz. Quartz is a master healer, and amplifier of energy and intention. Probably so because it is found everywhere - EVERYWHERE!

Isis quartz is a gentle nurturer. Helping to overcome hurt and distress. It helps to open up your empathy, allowing you to feel what others are feeling, but not get caught up in their turmoil. 
Phantom quartz is a reminder that we should not give up. It allows us to let go of the ego, and heal from within. To see that it probably wasn't as bad as we thought it was to begin with. It  pulls us out of our rut and allows us to grow from our experiences, as a victor, never a victim. 

This little beauty has it all. I do adore it so much!

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