Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Reading Challenge 2020!

One thing I have always loved was a good book.

I always had my nose in a book, sometimes pouring over three a week. If I had five minutes to myself, I was reading. Books were two deep in the bookcase, and then books layered in any free space. Stacks of books. It completely undid the use of the bookcase, as in, being able to glance at the spines of your books to see what you had. If you were looking for a book, you had to dig through the books to find it.

Oh and book stores! Barnes & Nobel, Books A Million, Borders, Waldens Books, the local used book store we had in the area , and I won't even mention the local library sale each year. It was a pay day treat to go to the book stores. At B&N we would get a coffee and wander in the books. I always cruised the sci fi/fantasy and reference books, and then to my favorite the clearance section. It was nothing to drop $100 on books. I couldn't wait to come home, curl up on the couch and crack the spine of that book. What a glorious sound! Oh and the smell of a new book!!!!

Then I stopped reading.....

Last year I posted this reading challenge to find my love of reading again, and it worked!!

So I am doing it again this year!!

Just like last year I started searching the internet for a good reading challenge that will allow me to use my books, books I have read, and books that I still need to read.  I approach the idea of books differently now.  I won't buy new books anymore,  I don't want to add to anymore production or manufacturing on the planet. I use the local library, or the OverDrive App and download them to my nook or computer. It is more like fostering. I get to keep them for a while, and then let them go on to someone else who needs them :)

I have used portions of a list I found at Linz the Bookworm and Mommy Mannegren to create this years list of 52 books.

Read them in order or skip around, but please

    1.  A book with the letter “W” in the title
    2.  A hardcover
    3.  Translated into English
    4.  Set in winter
    5.  A character who is a senior
    6.  Written in the 1970's
    7.  An author local to you
    8.  Orange on the cover
    9.  Set in space
    10. A bestseller
    11. A book that leaves you thinking
    12. A “guilty pleasure”
    13. Written by a female author
    14. Book in a series
    15. Free space!!! You pick and share with us!
    16. Borrowed from a friend
    17. Written by more than one author
    18. Published in 2020
    19. A Stephen King novel
    20. An author whose last name starts with the same initial as yours
    21. Written by a blogger or journalist
    22. A character that frustrates you
    23. A strong friendship theme
    24. A comic book
    25. Literary Fiction
    26. An award-winning novel
    27. A book with recipes inside
    28. A book featuring royalty
    29. A spy novel
    30. A book containing poetry
    31. A book with illustrations
    32. An author's debut book
    33. Written in first person 
    34. A book featuring the medical profession
    35. Set in the future
    36. A book used in a celebrity book club
    37. A book on the Mensa reading list for grade 9-12
    38. Published when you were 20
    39. Reuse a prompt from 2019
    40. Set in a country you've never visited before
    41. “Recommended” to you by Amazon
    42. A book that cost you less than $3
    43. Story that takes place on a form of transportation
    44. Character who wears glasses
    45. About a World Leader
    46. An author you previously disliked
    47. Book from project gutenberg (
    48. Book you've had on your to be read shelf for more than a year
    49. A retelling of a classic fairy tale
    50. Book you got for free
    51. A  novel by an author using a pseudonym
    52. A book with exactly 4 words in the title


Have fun!!


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