Sunday, March 19, 2017

March - Make It Month! Butternut Squash Soup

March is National Craft Month, why can't cooking be your craft?!? That is what I am doing today on this rainy Saturday

One of the Dr's at work was going on about a soup she had made, and told me about it because it was a vegan recipe.  It sounded delish, and I couldn't wait to try it. Her soup was apple, butternut squash, sweet potato and veggie broth. I took it up a notch. 

I started with what she used, and I added garlic, green onions (not that big sweet onion) celery, ginger, garlic, curry powder, cinnamon and pepper. I opted out adding salt due to the sodium content of the veggie broth. 

Chop 2 green onion

Squash and mince 2 cloves of garlci

Chop 2 stalks of celery

Peel, core and chunk up an apple (this is a gala)

Peel and chunk a sweet potato

Peel, core and chunk a butternut squash

1 Tablespoon tiki masala curry powder

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Mince 1 Tablespoon garlic

Throw it all in your crock pot with 3 cups of veggie stock and set it to high
Let it go for about 4 - 5 hours. Now if you have an immersible blender, it would work great for this, and make it wonderfully smooth. I used a potato masher, and got an amazing texture for this soup.

It just all fell apart from cooking in the crock pot all day. I really just stirred it a few times for this amazing, hearty, stew like soup.
Sprinkled with hemp seeds and a fat slice of bread for dunking. 

Man what a great bowl of soup!!!!!

And as always, Be peaceful, Be kind. 
Remember to explore, create, dream, imagine and discover!

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  1. That soup sounds yummy. I do just like you and add my own twist to a recipe and it always tastes great;