Monday, February 13, 2017

In Love With Orange

I am so in love with orange. Blue has always been my favorite color, but I feel I may be cheating on that dear old friend as of late, and finding myself more and more attracted to orange.

Why could this be?

Well did you know orange is the color of creativity and self expression? Makes sense.
It is also the color of ambition and fun. It is becoming clearer now why I think I am so drawn to this color.

These are cute little earrings made from vintage lucite beads, topped with turquoise and swarovski crystals.
 My work is defiantly reflecting this infatuation with this color. I have to stop myself when I am reaching for beads as I am making a new design, because it is almost always orange. I love these little orange glass and vintage tin earrings! So cute!
Should I put my orange bead away, and make myself work with other colors, or should I just go with the flow right now, because that is what I am really feeling??

And as always, Be peaceful, Be kind. 
Remember to explore, create, dream, imagine and discover!

All of my jewelry creations are based on the metaphysical properties of the stones or the colors that are incorporated. Jewelry should be a window to our soul, a protector of our emotions and a companion to our spirit. All of my other creations come directly from my heart in hopes they touch yours as well. Celebrate yourself with healing jewelry, and other gift ideas made with love!

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