Friday, March 18, 2016

Welcome March and Spring!!!

March is here, and welcome Spring!!!!

I am excited about the changes in the weather, the green grass, the white blooms of the bradford pear and decluttering!!!

I think we all start to re access ourselves after the first of the year. We ask things like, where am I going, what am I doing as the calendar re sets. Sometimes it is hard to begin when the days are dark and cold, but as spring comes, I know I put it into high gear and start to get things done!!!

I am applying to more galleries with my paintings, starting to do more events, like First Friday and applying to festivals. Moving and shaking to get my creations out to the public, locally and across the internet. I am more recently motivated, and I contribute that to the weather. 

To help with my focus, I have switched out my pendant from my moonstone to gaspeite. Gaspeite is for de cluttering and perfect to help keep me on track. 

So here is to doing big things, staying on track and accomplishing my goals of creating new works of art to share with my friends!!

And as always..
I send you love and peace.
Be blessed!

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