Monday, January 25, 2016

Affirmations - Little Life Changing Words

"Forgiveness expands within me to let the past go and open my eyes to the happiness of tomorrow." *

I use affirmations daily to keep myself focused, oriented and motivated. I will admit some days are harder than others, but each day gives me a new start, a fresh outlook and a chance to re evaluate my self, and learn from any experiences to make myself a better person.

But starting over everyday, isn't that hypocritical? You can do whatever you want and just start again, pretty easy, anyone can do that.

One thing I learned was you can't take the easy way out. Just because I say the words everyday, if they are not followed with or empowered with intent, it can be a powerless act, almost filled with guilt.

Now wait - let me explain.

So I say my affirmations everyday - for example - good choices. I say I will make choices that are good for me, that will lead me on a path of enlightenment. I just said them because that is what I was suppose to do, say the magic words and then go about your day. I would say the words and really not give them much thought. The words evaporated into the air in front of me. Now I go about my day, find excuses to not work out, and because I didn't work out go ahead and eat those extra fries along with that fried chicken sandwich, and maybe go out with friends, drink way to many beers, because that is my old self not wanting to let go. It is easier to stay in a place of comfort and habit than it is to step out of that and make over your spirit.

Here is where the powerlessness or guilt comes in. The following morning, as I shower, and say my affirmations again, I am continually interrupted by my mind with things like "I said all these words this morning, why did I do this to myself? "  or "You are never going to follow thru, why are you doing this crazy exercise and just letting yourself down"

Again, I say the affirmation and start my day.

This was an ugly cycle for quite some time. Then it struck me - the guilt was just emotions and the weight of bad experiences that while I was on my journey, I  felt I needed to pick up and carry with me, instead of just stepping over. Great metaphor right?

But it is true. As I would go thru my day, there was evidence of my past and of choices that I had made that were not the best for me. I just had to learn to step over them and move on. Then I learned that if I put intent with my affirmations, not only was I putting it out there, but I was putting it out there with the power I had to give it life.

And again, I say the affirmations and start my day.

I grew as I learned to say the words, then trust the words, and then give the words purpose and intent in my life. No more guilt, no more feeling powerless. No more judging myself, or comparing my success to others. Now, everyday, I can learn from my experiences from the day before, and yes it makes sense to say, I can start over everyday, that every day is a new chance to start again, and it doesn't sound hypocritical.

And again, I say the affirmations and start my day.

* affirmation taken from

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