Thursday, August 6, 2015

August Already!!!! Where Has The Time Gone?!?!?

My daughter and I joke that January is the slowest month of the year. It seems to take January forever to pass, and then when it does, the next thing you know it is August. That has held true this year!!!

I still have more flowers to plant, more places to visit, more yard sales to go to, more books to read, more canvases to paint, more jewelry to create, more walks on the beach, more rides in the mountains to do, and it is already August, I feel so overwhelmed!

Those were my exact thoughts this morning and a panic rose up in me that I have no time, that I have so much to do and no time to get it done. With that followed a feeling of 'Why try" there isn't enough time, so why even try. That really upset me and got me to thinking. The words we choose and they way we order them have so much power over us. Instead of thinking there isn't enough time and making myself feel so rushed, and then unfulfilled because the items on my list have not been crossed off, I said, "There is plenty of time".

That was my meditation this morning. "There is enough time"

I am keeping it that simple. I am not bogging down that simplistic mind set with - but you have so much to do, you have things that really need to get done today, you have appointments, you have to organize to fit it all in the day, you have to, you have to , you have to.......

I realize I do have to, and because of that, why fret over it. Why add that stress to my day, when I know I have things I need to do.  Just start the laundry and move on to the next task, next item on my list and know - There is enough time. I am going to stop limiting myself because I think there isn't enough. I am going to open up my opportunities because I do have time.

I already feel lighter as I type this out, and when I press publish, I have crossed something off my list of things to do today, and I have time to tackle something else.

I have enough time today!!!!!

And as always..I send you love and peace.
Be blessed!

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