Monday, June 2, 2014

National Pet Appreciation Week - Meet Puppy!

National Pet Appreciation Week - Meet Puppy !

June 2, 2014 at 5:45pm
Oh Pup :)

He started as Thunder Klaus, huge feet on a tiny little pup. We got him while visiting over Chrstimas with family in New York state in 2001. He was a tiny little brindle pup, covered in mud and poo in a barn. I should have known he was going to be a handful when at 6wks, he stood off a full grown dog at the vet. He got between me and a lab, and growled and his hair stood up on his back. He was not letting anything get to me. Well, except him :)

I wish I had pics of him as a puppy so you could see how cute he was.

It didn't take long for Leigh (my daughter) to take over with the words 'this is my dog', her and Bast that is. Pup was unruly and not very social, but he loved Leigh. She dressed him up (did I mention she was 19?) and he loved it. He  wore her hoodies all the time. It was a normal day to see Pup in fairy wings running thru the yard chasing Leigh. They would sing, they would dance, they would play, they would go on walks, they watched tv, they shared a dinner plate. They were mates.

Pup was and still is prolly my most expensive dog in more than just vet bills. He knows how to get into trouble. He challenged the Diva, and got his face bit thru (vet bill). He dug up a bees nest and tried to eat them (vet bill) He ate a bottle of Excedrine (need I say) He chewed up batteries, dug up ALL of my bushes, chewed through my butterfly bush, ate an oil filter for my truck, at my daughters prescription drugs and the list goes on. He could jump from a stand still over a 5 ft. fence, he opened doors, he knew how to work the ice maker on the freezer. He stole the neighbors backpack and basketball.... I still haven't figured that one out. He has always kept me on my toes. Wicked smart.

When Leigh moved, Pup became my dog, and a bit lost. He was off his game for quite a while. He stayed upstairs for 6 months. Didn't want anything to do with anyone. He slowly came out of his funk, that was when Rose came on the scene, more about her later :)

Pup, along with the help of Bast, raised Rose. Rose did something to Pup, gave him reason I think. He loves her.  Pup was a great help in teaching Rose how to walk on a leash, how to go outside to use the bathroom and so many other dog things that we over look.

Things were looking up for Pup, then,  his spleen ruptured. It was sooo scary. Leigh came home for that. After his surgery, it took him a year to get right. He lived under my bed for a year. He came out to eat and go outside to go to the bathroom. No walks, no play, no singing, just sleeeping and feeling small.  Part of me thinks he missed Leigh so bad that he didn't care if he healed.

Pup is also my mom's favorite, and because of that, Pup because quite the celebrity :) Pup is the model for several cards and calendars I make my mom every few years. He is the best model :)

Now Pup is a grumpy old gray beard. He is slow, and sleeps a lot, has several health issues, but still loves to go for a stroll and loves to explore the  back yard.

I think I will put on record he is the smartest dog I have ever had.

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