Monday, March 24, 2014

Local Artist Spotlight - Meg Smither

This blog entry about local artist, Meg Smither. Local to Raleigh, and owner and inspiration behind 'Out There Studio.'

How Did Your Create Your Business Name?

 Well funny you would ask that first question:
1. Out There Studio came about - because when we were building our house 6 years ago and we were building my Studio in the back yard (pictured with Meg Smither above)
 I would always refer to it as "out there" and my friend said that I needed to call my Studio "OUT THERE STUDIO". So that is how that came about.

2. What do you create/make?
Wow that's an interesting question. Well I make a lot of scarves (Textiles) and I build the frames and then I just start thinking of different techniques of applying dyes and using resists and just different chemicals and I create the scarves. I read a lot to understand the different types of techniques as well. So I am always learning new and better ways to make the scarves more beautiful. Then on top of all of that I also do Batiks whether it be on Fabric or on Paper.

3. What is your favorite item you've created thus far?
Well I just created the above BATIK called "Harbor Trio"  and I love it.

As well as the next BATIK and it is call "Maid in the Shade"

4. Why is buying locally important to you?
Because it keeps it in the "neighborhood" if you will. It's like buying local produce in your markets. It is
supporting our local artists and that is so important. Yea you can go to New York and other places and buy pieces (and don't get me wrong I'd love for my work to be in New York :0) - but it's just so important to keep it here at home and know that we have some amazing talent just right in our own backyard. Pardon the pun... didn't mean to... truly.
5. What are your business goals for 2014?
are just to get more visibility so that folks know I'm here and are interested in what I'm doing.
It has been a long road to get to just this point --- but slowly it is happening and I couldn't be more thankful
and more blessed. It comes from above I know that for sure....

 You can visit Meg Smither's Studio Online at :website:
or her newest site:square market:

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