Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Kind of Craft Hoarder Are You??? (From

I got this email from - just had to share it!


Hello Crafters!
Take a moment and look through your craft stash.  What supplies make up the majority of your space?  Too much yarn?  Recycleables all over the garage?  Newspaper and magazines taking up precious closet space?  Well we've got some easy and clever solutions to help every type of craft hoarder clean out that closet!
Yarn Collector

Floral Statement Necklace1. Victorian Crocheted Ring
2. Cute Crochet Hair Bows
3. Floral Statement Necklace
4. Knit Coffee Cozy
5. Easy Knit Dishcloths

Can't Throw a Thing Away?
Denim Flower Brooch1. Toilet Paper Roll Sunflowers
2. Denim Flower Brooch
3. Coffee Filter Frame
4. 28 Trash to Treasure Recycled Crafts
5. Aluminum Foil Earrings

Bead Hoarder

Boho Hoop Earrings1. Boho Hoop Earrings
2. Sizzling Hot Beaded Necklace
3. Triple Strand Beaded Watch
4. Beaded Floral Coasters
5. 111 Free Beaded Patterns

Magazine Obsessed

Crepe Paper Rose1. 31 Newspaper and Magazine Crafts
2. Magazine Sunburst Clock
3. DIY Mini Journal
4. Crepe Paper Rose Bouquet
5. Elastic Paper Bead Bracelet

Fabric Addict

Fabric Pom Poms1. No Sew Fabric Bookmarks
2. Patchwork Scarf
3. Fabric Pom Poms
4. Scrap Fabric Rosette
5. Scrap Fabric Birds

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