Friday, January 4, 2013

Project for Today (confessions of a hoarder)

14 hours it took me.

14 hours to get to a stopping point where I can move forward with the rest of my organizing of my craft room.

I stood for 13 hours and ironed 5 tubs of material. 5 tubs of material I have had for years, that has be stuffed and rolled and squished from bin to box to shelf to cupboard. I got a wild hair, and decided I needed to have it done.

So 13 hours of standing and ironing and 1 hour sorting, stacking and replacing it in tubs. I have taken the 5 tubs down to 3....well 4, because I took all of my fleece and batting that was stored elsewhere and put it in one of the tubs. What am I gonna do with the last tub???

All these were taken with my phone - having camera issues....

Here is the mess in the floor

After the ironing and sorting

This tub is for all of the panel fabric, shiney lining fabric and the lace. 

Just one tub of lace, I had to condense it down.....

Now that I had it all sorted, I had to put it back in the tubs, but I wanted to be able to find it. I got the bright idea, I have all of these magazine that we go for 'points' or something, I can use them as dividers!

So I stacked the fabric in by color bunches, and separated them with the magazines.

While sorting and ironing, I found of couple of these squares that my mom had done. In the scraps there are several of the pieces already cut, I just need to separate them out, and I can make several more blocks. I think it will be fun to finish it and send it to my mom.

Now I still have all of these 'scraps'. These are pieces of material that have already been cut to use for a project, or are very small. I haven't figured out how to store them as of yet.

I feel like I have a lot accomplished, and I have so much more to do.
Do you have any big projects you are working on? I would love to hear about them!

"Give light and people will find the way." - Ella Baker


  1. I give you credit, you have a lot of patience! Great job!

  2. Oh my, 13 hours of ironing, you deserve a medal! But I'm guessing it feels pretty good to have all those tubs sorted. Any projects in mind for all that fabric?

  3. Wow, great pictorial! :) Thanks for sharing, makes me feel tons better about my hoarding issues. Happy New Year Tish!