Saturday, September 8, 2012

Social Networking and Give Away!!!!!!

I am not going to reinvent the wheel or preach to the choir about social networking - we all do it - we blog, have facebook pages, twitter, pinterest and so much more. We are connected to the world now, and not just our local community. (how cool is that!) On Facebook, I follow several pages and groups that are kinda focused on what I do - crafting, shows, festivals and so forth. For example, Raleigh crafters: a group of crafters that share information on upcoming shows and festivals. Also we 'de clutter' we may have items that we no longer use, that are taking up space, or we are just plain tired of looking at. We use this group to network with other crafters and barter or sell items.

What groups do you follow that have helped you promote or grow your business?

That in mind - on the crafter group, I see a post from a fellow jewelry maker who is wanting to get rid of 'stuff'. I contacted her, but too late, and she had already ear marked the items to other people. She did however keep my email, and yesterday I got an email that she had more things, a box full, would I want them.....*blink* *blink* hell0 :) of course I do. All this for 10 bucks!

Strands of stone, glass and glass pearls.

Links, charms, jump rings, crimp tubes, bead caps and cones.


Earrings she had already made

Necklaces she had made

zipper pulls

I don't know how to explain the brilliance of this piece. She says, maybe you can do something with it, you could use the seed beads in something else....Nope - keeping it just like it is - I have to have this!!!!

A fresh water pearl stretchy bracelet she was going to re purpose

It was fun to dig thru it and see what treasures were in this little box.

I have to share the fun!!!!! These items, plus some fun not pictured!  Leave a comment on my blog to be entered! I will be opening this up to my Facebook fans as well. Drawing will be on Sept 15, 2012.
Are you a fan of my facebook page? Like the post that is about this giveway, and I will add another entry for you :)


  1. WOW!! Please count me IN!!! AM just starting to learn about jewelry making and am making things here and there and am organizing things I HAVE and am always on the lookout for things I don't have yet. Would love to get a jumpstart and will gladly take hand-me-downs!

  2. also liked the post on facebook!
    adrienne z
    chichijunk at cs dot com

  3. Wow - what a great deal you got! It will be super fun creating with those goodies!

  4. Holie Molie yes of course please throw my name in the hat. We are having to replace floors in our house and so my beading room had to be totally crated up and stored away . It has been crated up for 3 months already and I want get my stuff back till Feb. or March of 2013. I am totally having beading withdrawals. With the expense of the rennovation I haven't been even able to buy anything to keep me from going nuts. I am such a silly goose I should have kept a small kit of things so I could bead a little each day. But I thought the work would be done sooner. I am such a silly goose. Oh well, I am totally stoked about your giveaway. Thank you so much bye for now and Happy beading