Monday, January 23, 2012

Re Org

Wow - the holidays were crazy, what bout you?

I told myself after my big blowout sale, I was going to take 2 weeks off.....welp - here we are over a month later and I am still taking time off.

I may have reached burn out, or reality may have sunk in. I have been chasing a business and a dream for 6 years now, and still am not in the black. So I have taken this time to do a lot of thinking.

It is gut wrenching to put so much effort, research and hope into your passion to create a business and it not pan out. Jealousy has reared its ugly head a few times, when I see the success of others, and it shames me to admit it.

Instead of trying to run myself into the ground, I am scaling way back and becoming the hobbyist. Instead of running to a festival every weekend, keeping a huge inventory in stock, I will be supplying my stores, doing an occasional festival, and have added classes. I have several classes scheduled, and surprisingly, not all jewelry. I do a lot of different crafts, and have for years. I am not an expert in the craft, but I do know enuff about it to teach a novice and answer their questions. These classes have turned out to be a very steady and predictable income, without the overhead of booth fee and gas. Win-win.

Let's see where this chapter takes us :)


  1. Sounds like you have put a lot of thought into this, and it is the right thing for you to do at this time. I wish you well in your hobby! Just for the record - I consider you to be a success, because your jewelry is beautiful, and makes people happy.

  2. The classes sound great! I wish you the best in whatever you do!