Artist's Statement

Just A Tish Artist Statement

Wearing jewelry can be a mere fashion accessory, or it can be a personal statement, testament, and extension of all that binds us to the spiritual aspects of our connection to one another, and the very earth itself from which we evolved. Since the earliest periods of recorded human history there is a recurring belief that we were created from the earth. Science now confirms the truth of this fact that, chemically we are made of the same compounds found in the soil. Not fully understanding this premise spiritually or scientifically in younger years, I was unaware why my love of stones carried a greater magnetism with my inner self than mere aesthetic fashion creations.
Now I am more aware.
Mankind has always maintained a mystical correlation with various stones in regards to their symbolism, purpose and value. I believe humanity possesses a relationship with these elements that contribute to the very makeup of our being that defies definition and understanding. They have been used throughout the centuries by every culture in every socio-economic stratum to create objects that reflect personal wealth, wonder, and worship. Visual masterpieces of art and artifact in stone have been hewn to raise the conscious soul of man to assist us in seeing and understanding the visible and invisible world that surrounds us all. From Stonehenge to the monolithic statues of Easter Island, the Blarney Stone of Ireland, and the Pyramids of Egypt, stones have been used throughout history to connect us with our inner selves and one another. They reflect our concrete beliefs, and pose mysteries that have kept us suspended in wonder throughout the ages. It is because of this shared spiritual connection to the elements found in the earth that I find purpose in making the one of a kind pieces I do. Even my dreams speak profoundly of fresh ideas that beckon me to create new inspirational works.
I also believe that stones are deeply representative of our own lives and personalities. Whether or not the wearer fully comprehends the properties of the stone, it still speaks to them from a subconscious inner level through its own voice of beauty, texture, color, shape, size and energy. We are shaped and developed, much like stones, bearing the same cracks or flaws, artificially or naturally tumbled by hardship, pressure, and chipping throughout life. It is by this process that our personal character is refined and ultimately reveals our own distinct inner beauty with occlusions still visible. But, rather than seeing the flaws as defects as negative, as we often do in ourselves and others, we can learn to see and value humanity as reflective of the same integral elements of the stone’s natural beauty. Whether rough or smooth, firm or cracked, clear or opaque, radiant or dull, its own uniqueness speaks for itself and its value. I believe people are attracted to stones unknowingly, because of how they often perceive themselves. They wear them because of the connection that springs from the spiritual consciousness deep within that relates to and reflects their own self-image.

Therefore, I work with stones of all shapes, sizes, colors and weights. Being pretty, or meeting the changing trends of current acceptable fashion statements is irrelevant. Purpose in my work is defined in that stones give me a clear perspective on something the world needs to be reminded of on a day to day basis, which is LOVE. Love of self, combined with love and acceptance of others. The diversity of a stones color, shape, origins and everlasting quality, demands that it be gazed upon with awe, held with reverence, and valued with understanding, not unlike the values we uphold when considering the human family at large. Look at the stones. Look closely. Observe their nuance of color. Touch the stones. Feel their texture and weight. Ask yourself why certain stones are more appealing, and why paired together with other stones draw you to them. Maybe your heart and mind will be enlightened to a hidden secret about your own beauty and value you’ve not been aware of. Then you can proudly wear it as a symbol of why you, like the stones, are beautiful, and one of a kind.

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