About Me!

Jewelry artist, tie dye queen, dreamer, believer in the goodness of mankind, and a bit of a throttle junkie

My collection of jewelry pieces are carefully born from my love of the medium. I like to think of each creation as spiritual offerings from the earth. Rich metals and minerals, whose vital properties strung together secure us to sacred origins and lift us to consecrated heights. Each piece is born from imaginative choices in texture, color, composition and shape, never intended to be duplicated, a one of a kind piece of wearable art. The properties of each stone are incorporated into a process of emotional expression, an extension of subconscious perception and inspiration forged into the final statement. Ultimately, to the owner, wearing my creations allows for an opportunity to enhance both life and look with original objet d' art. When you wear Just A Tish Designs you wear the confidence to be the individual you are.

Several pieces have been published in over 20 issues of Bead Trends Magazine, online at Beadage.net, shown in local galleries, and even been strutted down the runway!

My tie dye is happy and bright! Did you know colors can accent and support your emotional well being? Tie dye is not just for hippies! 

And my Blogger awards!

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